MAPP_MTL transforms public spaces into a ground for creative expression through projection mapping. Founded in 2016 by artist Thien Vu Dang, MAPP is a creative organization whose primary mission is to foster the development of projection mapping while providing a showcase for local talent.

By organizing a year-round festival, events and workshops focusing on creative innovation, MAPP_MTL positions itself as an active player involved in spreading the influence of this emerging practice, opening up a truly inclusive dialogue between residents, artists and their neighborhood.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Magalie Boutin President NFB - Head of Media Relations

Philippe U. Del Drago Vice-President Festival Internatonal du Film sur l'Art - General and Artistic Director

David Moore Treasurer Talsom - Director, Project Leadership

Aida Mezouar Secretary Rio Tinto - Lawyer

Antoine Saint Maur Director Float4 - Multimedia director/producer

Arthur Rollet Director Lg2 - Strategist

Francois Bedard Director Digital ID and Authentication Council of Canada - Innovation Advisor

TEAM Jennifer-Ann Weir Executive director

William Gault Deputy general director

Thien Vu Dang Programming Director and Founder

Pauline Barthe Director of Communications