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"Transforme l’espace public par la projection mapping"

MAPP_MTL is a non-profit organization whose main mission is to promote the development of projection mapping while providing a showcase for local and international talent. MAPP transforms public spaces into a field of creative expression!

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Night ÆX

Night ÆX - Saturday January 21st from 10pm to 8am with an exceptional alcohol permit after 3am! MAPP_MTL joins Club Soda, Shift Radio, Transmission MTL, Homegrown Harvest and MUTEK to present you a memorable evening mixing mapping projections, performances and music! Night ÆX wishes to explore new creative and social territories.

Support MAPP_MTL! MAPP_MTL is a non-profit organization, you can support it by making a yearly donation or by buying a solidarity ticket for the MAPP_MTL 2023 festival.